Kaleigh is a free spirit who openly loves others and has a beautiful way of sharing her yogic path with her students. She's informative, lighthearted and fun to be around! She never takes herself too seriously, but is very dedicated to helping others find peace, love and balance within the mind and body. I highly recommend taking one of her classes. She is very passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves. -Rachel W.

While searching for a new studio upon moving to Burlington, I walked into Kaleigh's class and immediately knew I had found something special. Kaleigh's warmth and generosity of spirit are felt so immediately and lead to a unique sense of ease and comfort when practicing with her. Kaleigh makes an effort to know you and how you move through her classes, making each class personal, accessible and exciting. I have learned an incredible amount from watching her beautiful and expansive practice and felt so touched by the sense of community Kaleigh can create with strangers in only an hour- magic! Most importantly Kaleigh has helped me foster a deep, committed relationship with my own practice and my body. Some of the healing work I have done in her classes has been the most effective tools I have found in my eating disorder recovery. To be in her class is to feel the beauty of yourself, of the space you hold, of those around you- and to constantly learn more about what you are capable of. I am grateful for Kaleigh-powerful teacher and healer, lovely spirit- and can't recommend her enough. -Sofia P.

Kaleigh is a skilled and compassionate yoga teacher. I have practiced for twenty years in different methods with many different teachers and what I love about Kaleigh is that she keeps each class fresh. Her sequences are rhythmic, intuitive and intelligent. They flow beautifully and yet I never go on auto-pilot anticipating what is coming next. This keeps me truly present and in a moving meditation - what a beautiful thing!! Above all, Kaleigh's authentic warm-heartedness infuses each class. I leave with a deeper sense of gratitude every time. - Carolinne G. 

Kaleigh radiates a sense of warmth and good humor. She's clearly a very accomplished practitioner, but there is absolutely no sense of taking herself or the practice of asana too seriously. She balances an emphasis on alignment with an atmosphere of joy and play. She hits that sweet spot between reverence and lightheartedness: a real gift in a yoga teacher and one few I've encountered have expressed so well. - Ben S.

From welcoming you by name to providing scented essential oils at the beginning of class, Kaleigh makes you feel tranquil and accepted the second you walk into the studio. Her classes are always the perfect combination of relaxation and a tough work out and her thoughtful adjustments help to get the most out of every practice. - Madeline S.

I attended Kaleigh's yoga class last summer when I was going through a stressful transition in my life. Kaleigh's warmth and openness made all the difference in keeping me grounded. No matter how crazy my life got, I always had the calm, quiet sanctuary of her class so I could recharge and refocus. I highly recommend her to those looking for a supportive atmosphere for nurturing their mind and body. -Hanna H. 

Kaleigh's classes have totally spoiled me.  After moving out of Burlington, I haven't been able to find an instructor who fits me quite as well as she did.  I appreciate the pace of her practice.  It can be vigorous, but she is conscious of how important it can be to hold poses and stretch your body.  Her realignments and adjustments to my poses throughout class have made me aware of what my practice should look and feel like to keep my body safe and strong.  This has helped me to know and take care of my body in ways that I wasn't conscious of before.  And her openness, genuineness, and affection keeps me coming back.  What a special, special lady. - Hannah F. 

Kaleigh is pure joy. It is a gift to be around her and to share my practice with her. She is focused, she knows what she is doing, and she is devoted to her students and her craft. I love the feeling she offers, that she wants me there. I always feel transported to a place of peace and calm, and more of myself, as any yoga practice should. I’m honored to know her and support her as she expands in her field, hopefully, beyond her wildest dreams. Namaste. -Adrea P. 

Kaleigh is an excellent teacher and practitioner of yoga because she is fascinated by the movement and inner workings of the human body.  I believe she looks at the human body in a much different way than most and this helps her to have both compassion toward every body and passion for the practice of yoga. I have been attending Kaleigh’s classes since her first beginner workshop and have grown as a student of yoga under her tutelage—and I have had the pleasure of watching her grow as a teacher.  She has become herself and more at ease and genuine in her practice as time has moved on.  Her classes, while being quite physical and challenging still manage to fill the cup of inner peace that one is looking for when one enters their yoga practice.  I have become a better person from knowing Kaleigh and practicing under her. And I know that many in the yoga community of Burlington, Vermont feel the same.  She is a very special person. On and off the mat. -Allyson S. 

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